Sisterly Spa Day at Cwrt Bleddyn

Earlier in the summer my step sister and I headed off for a day of pampering, gossip and spaaaah.  Set in the beautiful surroundings of Monmouthshire, Cwrt Bleddyn is hidden away on an old country road with stunning views as you drive into the grounds.


We’d bought an offer from KGB deals, quite the bargain too at £25 each.  I have seen similar offers on KGB but can’t spot anything running at the moment. For this we had access to the pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, small relaxation room, 25 minute treatment and afternoon tea. Here’s the lowdown on our visit:

The Good

  • The staff are lovely and really attentive.
  • My massage was so relaxing and soothing, my spa therapist managed to make 25 minutes feel like well over an hour.
  • The champagne room in the hotel was adorable, I’d love to spend a night there drinking copious amounts of bubbles with the Gingerbeard man before retiring to a oldy worldy hotel room.
  • The afternoon tea was tasty, just what we needed after having a swim and working up an appetite. We indulged in delectable cucumber finger sandwiches, delicious cakes and traditional welsh cakes, washed down with tea and champagne.


The Bad

  • Unfortunately the outside of the spa is a little tired and it’s a shame that you have to walk through the gym to get to the spa area.
  • The chairs in the relaxation room could be a little more comfortable and it is a bit small.
  • For me, the area around the pool should be relaxing and very comfortable so you can snuggle up in your robe. Investing in some cosy and inviting, yet pool appropriate seating could be a winner.
  • I was really disappointed that we weren’t offered slippers and robes.  A snug spa day is what it’s all about.


That said, the good outweighs the bad in this spa and with a few minor changes it could be fabulous.

I think i may have turned my sister into the new spa queen and she’s taking over my reign. Every time I see her on Facebook she’s off for another spa day. Relaxing in your downtime is what it’s all about though. Thanks for an awesome day Lisa, it was such a good chance to catch up and giggle over stories about boys. I’ll never forget us laughing away over champagne after the “who calls” incident! Haha.


#12monthsofspa Love life & enjoy the moment


A few people have been asking me what my #12monthsofspa is about so I decided to take to my blog and share my motivations with you.

#12monthsofspa is a result of something that happened to me in 2012 and the changes I decided to make so I wouldn’t feel that way again.

Last year was fantastic for my career but also a busy one. Working a full time job and doing various freelance projects meant my work/life balance was a little off kilter. Friends even commented and asked why I was working on a Friday or Saturday night when I should be out having fun. I was genuinely enjoying the work I was doing and the opportunities that had come my way were a stepping stone in my career giving me the confidence to do more freelance work and build up my portfolio.

However, working in the spa industry I understand that wellness is important part of life and stress can play a big part in ageing the mind and body.

During a reiki session I was warned I was doing too much and not living in the moment, it was time for me to ground myself. I knew she was right and I was letting life pass me by. That was when I decided that I would set myself a #12monthsofspa goal, taking time out to stop, stand still and enjoy the happy things in my life.


#12monthsofspa allows me to set aside time once a month to purposely relax, plus, it’s a great way to enjoy the company of friends catching up, lounging around and putting the world to right without a glass of wine in hand for a change!

Some people think that going to a spa is expensive and yes, it can be but there are offers on all the time, especially during quieter times of the year and week days. I find wahanda, bookaspa and spabreaks all great for the most up to date spa offers. I look at it this way, I could spend money on clothes to make me look better but I’d rather feel better from the inside out. A family friend once shared “you should always spend money on your face, clothes will come and go but you’ll always have your face.” Dear Veronica is one lady who knows how to spend her money wisely and she looks great for her age.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace life, enjoy the moment and don’t wish away your days.

February Spa Visit – The Owl House Day Spa

The month of love just so happens to also be the time of the year (back in the 80’s) I was also born. So, in true birthday style I spent the day relaxing and drinking bubbles at The Owl House Day Spa. As you will know, from my previous spa post The Owl House Day Spa in Nottingham/Derbyshireis one of my personal favourites, and it didn’t disappoint.


I had originally purchased an offer from Groupon which included use of the spa, Pig in Mud/Scrub and 25 minute treatment for two, all for £69. Using a generous £10 off voucher from the spa I upgraded our package and included a 40 minute Owl House Muscle Melt Back Massage.

On arrival the spa host took our details to create a personal treatment plan, to suit our emotional and physical needs. We began our spa journey by robing up and visiting The Herbal Steam Chamber (also known as a Rasul or Pig in Mud/Scrub). The beautiful tiled chamber uses heat and steam to invigorate and detoxify the body with the selected essential oil that the spa therapist chooses for you. The Gingerbeard Man and I were given a scrub, which was ideal as we had tried the mud previously and it can get a little messy! We lathered our bodies with the oil based scrub, sat back and enjoyed the twinkling lights above us in the chamber before the warm monsoon shower exfoliated our skin and left us feeling refreshed.


Once we were clean from our Pig in Scrub treatment we got down to some serious relaxing on the dreamy daybeds. It was easy to relax with the staff being there for our every need. We lay around for well over an hour, which flew by. At one point I was a little concerned by the amount of people arriving at the spa, it’s small and I was worried that it may spoil the silence and there wouldn’t be enough space for everyone to relax (I most certainly didn’t want to lose our daybed!). I needn’t worry though as the spa host and therapists had cleverly organised treatment and lunch times around the guests allowing enough time for everyone to enjoy what they had to offer.

The Gingerbeard Man and I were taken to a double treatment room for our facial and massage. The dimed lights, soothing music and rich fragrances lulled me into a sense of calm, the way I always feel when I visit The Owl House Day Spa. The Aromatherapy Associates facial was as hydrating as I remembered and Owl House Muscle Melt Back Massage did exactly that. The Gingerbeard Man was truly relaxed by the end of it, so much so he gently told me off for ‘disturbing his peace and quiet.’


We followed our treatments up with some bubbles in the hot tub, as always, the spa host was attentive and served our drinks to us while soaking up the warm bubbles in the winter chill.

By the time we left the spa we had spent a surprising (yet amazing) five hours unwinding and celebrating. While the spa is small and has limited facilities, the surroundings are beautiful, the staff incredibly helpful that offer results driven treatments. If you’re looking for somewhere to de-stress, chill out and recharge then The Owl House Day Spa is for you. The spa owner has done a fantastic job in creating a successful spa with fantastic staff and I can’t wait to visit again.

January Spa Visit – St Brides Hotel & Spa

It’s February and I’m guessing a lot of ‘new year resolutions’ have gone out of the window. Unused gym memberships, failed diets and booze bans are now a thing of the past. But hey, that’s why I decided to give myself a ‘goal’ for 2013 to spaaaaah more; #12monthsofspa everyone’s a winner with a spa break!

In January I treated my mum to her Christmas gift and we made the scenic drive to St Brides Hotel & Spa in Saundersfoot, West Wales for a day of pure relaxation. The spa was out of this world, with amazing views of the beach and a heated infinity pool perfect for winter weather.


We experienced a deeply exfoliating body scrub, full body and scalp massage and [ comfort zone ] prescriptive facial spaced throughout the day to ensure we could make the most of the spa facilities. The relaxation room was incredible with light streaming through the sliding doors which are opened in the summer for a breath of sea air. The double treatment room also had sliding doors; the spa therapist opened them a little and the sounds of the sea crept in while we enjoyed a soothing massage using fragrance essential oils.


The heated infinity pool gives an instant wow factor and the spa ensure that there are not too many guests in the spa at the same time which allows you to enjoy the space and the picturesque view of Saundersfoot bay.


Thank you to the team at St Brides Hotel & Spa who instantly made us feel at home and looked after our every need. We had a lovely time and will remember the blissful day we spent there for many years to come.

Next stop – Back to the Owl House Spa in Nottinghamshire for a birthday treat.