About Me

Where do I start? I’m a twenty-something year old who has recently found my passion for writing again, thanks to some wonderful freelance projects. I studied journalism way back when and have worked in the hair and beauty industry for over eight years, predominantly within marketing and PR.

Here’s me in a nutshell: I love a bright lipstick, especially hot pink, if my hair’s not right then I don’t feel right, hunting for hidden treasures at car boots is better than hangovers, tasty food is my big weakness, if there’s a food or ale festival within 50 miles then I’m usually there checking out the local produce with my awesome partner (the Gingerbeard Man) who I will no doubt talk a lot about.

Over the past few years I have been an avid blog reader and follow a variety of bloggers. One of my ideal ways to chill out is grab a cuppa or Prosecco, get my iPad out, log into bloglovin and catch up with one of the many blogs I follow. I love to delve into the blogging world and find out what my favourite bloggers have been up to.

I have such admiration for bloggers and the time and effort they spend on their blogs, I just hope that my blog can bring as much pleasure as I have found in others.


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