March (Sorry it’s late) Spa Visit – Bannatyne’s

Wow, it’s been too long since I last posted one of my #12monthsofspa posts but life has totally got in the way; from freelance work, a new job and waving a wee goodbye to one of my closest friends, Steph as she flew off to sunny oz.

Back in March, Steph and I spent a girlie day together working out and beautifying ourselves at Bannatynnes in preparation for her big trip.

We bought our ‘spa day’ on Wahanda which included a 55min facial and take home product for £37.50 which felt like pretty good value although I have mixed emotions about the experience.

The staff were super helpful throughout the day and the members seemed really lovely and praised the club for their facilities. The gym equipment was brilliant and I was quite tempted to sign up after our day there. We had a good workout and were also invited to take part in any classes which looked really fun although we gave the street dancing a miss.


What was classed as a spa was more like a beauty salon in a gym and we were disappointed to find out there was no relaxation area apart from in the gym reception. While there was comfortable seating we were on view for everyone to see as we tried to relax in our dressing gowns and one of the team hovered around us. Not very serene or tranquil as you’d expect from a spa.

The facial treatment using own range products was average, nothing wrong but nothing that stood out for me. I appreciated that the therapist had warmed the bed and wrapped me up in a blanket but it got a bit too claustrophobic and meant I was unable to enjoy the facial as much as I’d like.

Overall, I’d say it was good value for money but realistically we should have expected more of a gym experience than spa which is what we were led to believe by the offer. As a health club Bannatyne exceeds expectations and has a great team, although it they want to move more into the spa market then they may need to rethink the guest journey.


4 thoughts on “March (Sorry it’s late) Spa Visit – Bannatyne’s

  1. A little way to go to better the Saundersfoot experience then ?
    I haven’t seen any comments that surpass that yet?

  2. My favourite bit was watching The Big Bang Theory whilst interval training on the treadmill.
    Seriously though, totes agree on all fronts but your blog has brought back some good memories. Miss you xx

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