January Spa Visit – St Brides Hotel & Spa

It’s February and I’m guessing a lot of ‘new year resolutions’ have gone out of the window. Unused gym memberships, failed diets and booze bans are now a thing of the past. But hey, that’s why I decided to give myself a ‘goal’ for 2013 to spaaaaah more; #12monthsofspa everyone’s a winner with a spa break!

In January I treated my mum to her Christmas gift and we made the scenic drive to St Brides Hotel & Spa in Saundersfoot, West Wales for a day of pure relaxation. The spa was out of this world, with amazing views of the beach and a heated infinity pool perfect for winter weather.


We experienced a deeply exfoliating body scrub, full body and scalp massage and [ comfort zone ] prescriptive facial spaced throughout the day to ensure we could make the most of the spa facilities. The relaxation room was incredible with light streaming through the sliding doors which are opened in the summer for a breath of sea air. The double treatment room also had sliding doors; the spa therapist opened them a little and the sounds of the sea crept in while we enjoyed a soothing massage using fragrance essential oils.


The heated infinity pool gives an instant wow factor and the spa ensure that there are not too many guests in the spa at the same time which allows you to enjoy the space and the picturesque view of Saundersfoot bay.


Thank you to the team at St Brides Hotel & Spa who instantly made us feel at home and looked after our every need. We had a lovely time and will remember the blissful day we spent there for many years to come.

Next stop – Back to the Owl House Spa in Nottinghamshire for a birthday treat.


One thought on “January Spa Visit – St Brides Hotel & Spa

  1. I can only re-iterate what my daughter has said about St Brides. We had a fantastic day and the best present I have had in a LONG TIME. Thanks Jen , we must do it again soon.

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