Delicious Pulled Pork – In a Snapguide

A friend of mine recently told me about an app she had discovered called Snapguide, a site where you can share step by steps and quick guides. With everything from how to fit everything into hand luggage (my friend’s Snapguide), homely crafts to creating the perfect manicure, there’s something for everyone.

Feeling inspired I decided I would create my very own Delicious Pulled Pork Snapguide. It’s simple to cook, tastes sensational and ideal for parties or sharing with friends.  Pulled Pork is traditionally a BBQ dish cooked in America, however for those without an industrial BBQ you can also cheat and cook it in the oven. The slow cooked method means the meat becomes tender enough that it can be “pulled” hence the name.

Experiment with spices and flavours to create you very own pulled pork, however if you want to learn the basic method using a British ale (one of the Gingerbeard Man’s favourite things to cook with) then visit my short and sweet Snapguide here.



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