Restore Dehydrated Skin in 10 Mins

We’ve all been there, a fabulous night out ending up with very little sleep only to wake up with your skin feeling starved of moisture as well as your mouth. Well, it’s party season around the corner so I thought I’d share with you my secret weapon!

Apply hydramemory hydramask for 10 minutes in the morning and feel the moisture sink into your dehydrated skin. I can strongly say the mask will ‘quench’ your skin as it sucks in the moisture.

[ comfort zone ]’s hero product, is full of all sorts of yummy ingredients that dehydrated skin loves, including trehalose (found in a desert plant that holds its moisure) and baobab extract (from an African ‘plant of life’ as it can last up to 5000 years).

It’s in my must-have products because even without a hangover it’s a great way to give skin a mid-week moisture boost. With fans such as Kaushal from Beauty FulfilledJodie Hazlewood and makeup guru Daniel Sandler, you know I’m onto a good thing. I’ll even share a little secret with you that we’ve all discovered; leave Hydramemory Hydramask on over night for ultra deep hydration. Who doesn’t want to wake up with plumped, dewy skin?

Hydramemory Hydramask RRP £26.50

[ comfort zone ] products can be found in luxury spas, like Rockliffe Hall and The Spa at Dolphin Square. Find your nearest location at


4 thoughts on “Restore Dehydrated Skin in 10 Mins

  1. I totally agree Style Bandit! After a night out gigging it and one too many vinos (yes, on a school night!) this little beauty was my saviour. It’s left me feeling as fresh as a daisy.

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