Crackle Candle

WoodWick Candle available to buy here

Just a quick post to share with you one of my favourite bath time luxuries lately, the WoodWick candle. I was given this fabulous candle in Ruby Sunset for my birthday earlier in the year. I’ve only recently become a bit of a fan of candles since discovering the [ comfort zone ] Tranquillity candle which has a beautiful fragrance, so I was pleasantly surprised to have this as a present and add it to my new collection.

The WoodWick candles not only look beautiful, the packaging is amazing and it’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the way the product looks. The top is made out of wood with the brand name printed on it, the colour is vibrant and the fragrance is pleasant. My candle was a present, however I have found them online (see the link under the images) for £13.99.

What makes this candle a little different is its organic wooded wick which crackles as it burns away giving a relaxing log burning fire crackling sound.

Next, a Yankee Candle I think, I’ve heard very good things about them!


One thought on “Crackle Candle

  1. The Yankee candles have very good write ups and there are plenty of special offers on QVC TV channel. I should know as I have spent 11 weeks off and on ( more on) watching from my bed, all the beauty , gardening and jewellery channels since having a hip replacement . It is an expensive pastime !!!!!

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