Bargain Beauty Find

When it comes to beauty products, so long as it’s a good product you will find anything from Chanel to Collection 2000 in my makeup bag. For me, it comes down to what works personally for you, each to their own is what I say. I have a variety of products in my makeup bag but there’s one brand that I still can’t get over and I have to share with you.

Lacura beauty for Aldi seems to be a bit of guilty pleasure for a lot of women I chat to. As soon as I fessed up that I had bought some and loved it, others started to come forward too. The award winning range has everything from lip gloss, foundation to nail varnish and is said to also be loved by beauty editors.

For me, I discovered the Lacura Concelear Pen (£3.59) when I had run out of my YSL Touche Eclat and was desperate for something to keep me going until I could make it to Selfridges. While it’s not a perfect comparison to Touche Eclat, I’d say for the price it’s a damn good buy. I haven’t looked back since, I tend to use my concealer pen mainly to cover the dark circles under my eyes and then a myface cosmetics concealer for blemishes.

The other product I love from the range is the Volume Mascara (£2.39). I can’t seem to get along with many mascaras, I’ve tried everything from Benefit’s They’re Real to MAC. For me, Lacura Volume Mascara is brilliant; it coats my lashes beautifully and gives them real volume.

So, next time you’re doing a spot of shopping why not have a makeup spree and try some of the Lacura products? At those prices you can’t go wrong. Find your nearest Aldi here.


3 thoughts on “Bargain Beauty Find

  1. I have to admit, Style Bandit, under your recommendations this has become my must-have beauty product! I find myself stocking up on 2 or 3 at a time now. It’s a bargain and helps hide those dark circles I get after too many late nights studying (or partying). Thanks for sharing! x

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