What’s in your handbag?

While browsing the web last week I came across this beautifully designed website, What’s in my handbag or WIMH as they like to call it.

The idea is simple, it’s a space where you can see the contents of other people’s handbags and discover the beauty products they love. To kick-start the website WIMH have delved into the most envied bags of the beauty world; the magazine editors, who know a good product when they see one. I’m obsessed with beautiful and stylish photography and the professional photos on here are gorgeous, my favourite being ‘Office Essentials and Obsessions’ by Grazia Beauty Director Liz Hambleton. If only my desk looked that chic!

What’s great about this website is that not only can you peep inside other’s handbags but you can also become a member (for free) and upload your own picture as well, they even give you inspiration for laying out the contents, including ‘the spill’, ‘the chaos’ and ‘the grid.’

The idea is that when you’re browsing others you can store the products you already have, collect the ones you want and then share it with you friends or use it as a shopping list for your boyfriend!

I think I’ll give this a go once I’ve had a bit of a clear out of my handbag, I love to discover new beauty products so it’ll be exciting to find some new ones to try as loved by the experts, especially.


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