From Catwalk to Cover – A ‘FROW’ Seat

Back in February the Gingerbeard Man and I took a trip to London to celebrate my birthday. During our stay we fought the rain and wind (the tube was shut) over Tower Bridge to get to the ‘From Catwalk to Cover’ exhibition at the Fashion & Textiles Museum, which offered an insight into fashion week and the photographers that make it possible for us to feel a part of it.

There were a range of shots from catwalk, beauty, F-ROW and street style pics of those lucky enough to attend such high-profile shows. The museum had displayed the photos in a way that was easy to walk around and enjoy from mounted frames to printed 3D boxes, mood boards and suspended acrylic prints within the open space. To accompany the photos there were also some of the actual outfits from the collections features in the shots!

While the exhibition was a little smaller than I’d imagined, the lady who sold us our tickets has warned us of this and we were happy enough to go on through as she spoke of the exhibition with such passion. She also flattered me and the Gingerbeard Man asking us if we were students and had NUS cards? I haven’t been a student for seven years, it’s good to know I’ve still got it though!

My favourite fashion moment of the afternoon? A girl in front of me in the queue and subsequently around the exhibition wearing exactly the same faux fur coat as me *cringe*. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Unfortunately, the exhibition has now finished but I’m sure there will be more beautiful pieces of work there in the future. For a listing of current and future exhibitions at the Fashion & Textiles Museum, click here.


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