I’m taking the plunge and starting a blog…

So, I’ve been interested in blogs for a while now, but the last year they have become one of my favourite ways to relax and my bloglovin list is ever-growing. After spending many hours reading lots of blogs, much to the annoyance of my Gingerbeard Man (my long-suffering bearded other half), I have finally decided to take the plunge and start my own…eek!

Who knows what will come of the StyleBandit Diaries… but after feeling inspired by many lovely ladies out there (who I will no doubt mention throughout my blog posts) and the time and effort they take to write their blogs and upload amazing photography I hope that I can do the same and you enjoy my blog as much as I love theirs.

My current top favourite blogs are…

  • Milk Bubble Tea – Her posts make me smile and her pet hedgehog Pickles is the cutest…
  • Make Up It Girl – Farrah and I work together, she is my go to girl for all make up advice and I’m constantly lusting after her beautiful long hair!
  • Beauty Fulfilled – Little Kaushal has the best smile ever and lives for beauty.

A little bit about me; I am a hair and beauty journalist and brand manager. I wear many hats throughout my working week and I will share most of them with you at some point in the StyleBandit Diaries. There are parts of this industry I wish I’d taken on board when I was younger but things are working out well for me and the hard work now seems to be paying off.

Although I LOVE hair and beauty and I’ll probably write a lot about it I want the StyleBandit Diaries to be more of place for me to ramble about everything from food, leopard print, lipstick, US crime series’ (which I will not apologise for) and general musings of my life with the Gingerbeard Man

So, if what you’ve heard interests you in the slightest then stick around for the ride, I think it could be a fun one…


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